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Mining to Metal Operations at MYTCL

Mining to Metal Operations at MYTCL

The Sabetaung and Kyisintaung (S&K) mine is an open-cut Copper Ore mine of 3 deposits that are located in the Monywa District of Sagaing Division in Myanmar. Established early in the 20th Century, west of the Chindwin River, the mine-site is approximately 40-minutes by road from Monywa and within a populated area of nearly 500,000 people. This semi-arid expanse offers about 700mm of annual rainfall, and where shrub covered rolling hills and Toddy-palm trees dotting the landscape are the common scene.

This is a legacy mining area that began in the early 17th century with artisanal mining of the area. In the 1950’s the S&K deposits began to be explored on a much larger scale and have developed into a mining enterprise today. The S&K mine has evolved into a mining municipality working side by side a bountiful agricultural community.

Many international companies have been involved in the development of this mine under several eras of ownership. In 2000 the pit optimum design of Kyisintaung was completed, and re-optimization of the Sabetaung and Sabetaung South deposits was finalized in 2006 with the assistance of consultants from GRD Minproc, an Australian consultancy group. Others such as Knight Piésold Pty Limited, Coffee Partners International Pty Ltd., The World Bank, Westec (Welsh Engineering Science & Technology, Inc.), Haskoning (Royal Dutch Consulting Engineers and Architects), Golder Associates, Ivanhoe and China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd. are some of the more prominent world-class names that have been involved in the consultation and operations of the S&K projects.

Today the S&K Mine is operated by Wanbao Mining Limited with the name of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited – MYTCL.  Joining hands with mining businesses at home and abroad, based on the principles of international cooperation and mutual benefit, Wanbao Mining is developing high-quality mineral resources from around the world.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any concerns, questions or comments. MYTCL maintains an open door policy for not only our employees, but also for our extended communities.

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